The social way to transfer cash!

Send, request and split bills. Free and Instant.

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Send or Request

Send or request money as easy and fast as you send/request a text, photo or even a GIF.

Group Payments

Create a group for group payments to quickly manage finances when you are planning a trip or just hanging out with your friends.

Transfer to Bank

Transfer money easily and fast to any bank or IBAN, avoiding complicated and time consuming steps.

Where money meets social.

Follow, like and comment on friends' and public transaction and share yours with friends or the world via the built in social feed.

Payment Feed

A radical new way to see and interact with spending activity from the people you follow. Choose what you see and take full control over who sees your transactions.

Payment conversation

Use emoji’s to request money or, simply pay a contact with a picture. Users also have full control of the privacy of each transaction made.


Not only does Sweeft feature a split function, but you are also able pay or request different amounts from a several contacts. It means you can crowdfund for anything.

QR Pay

Pay for goods and services with just your smartphone. By harnessing QR technology you’re able to pay for taxi rides and more, just by scanning a code on a merchants device.


Sweeft provides high quality safety so you can rest assured, knowing that your data is always protected and that all your conversations are private. Our mission is to protect that privacy so you never have to rethink about what kind of information you should or shouldn’t add to account when using Sweeft. Sweeft doesn’t store your card details, has anti-fraud systems that detects any kind of suspicious activity

  • Send or Request

    Send or request money as easy and fast as you send/request a text, photo or even a GIF.
Power to you

Sweeft gives everyone with a smartphone the ability to send and receive money for free and manage their finances without ever stepping foot in a bank. We take the bureaucracy out of personal finance and save our customers not only money, but time.

Social Money

With powerful social features including a payment news-feed, the ability to send and receive money like text messages, group payments and emoji-transactions Sweeft is a lot more fun than your average e-wallet or banking application.

Do more

With an ever growing list of services, Sweeft aims to provide a one stop shop for financial needs. Whether that be exchanging currencies, paying a utility bill or even shopping the possibilities are endless and the customer benefits are huge.